Full Stack Programming

Introduction to StackRoute

An 18 week course that we would teach and equip your workforce with future-proof skills aimed to create, innovate, and subsequently do more for your industry.

Learning & Understanding

  • Tools – HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, MySQL, Rest API, Docker, Spring, JAVA
  • Front End, Middleware, Database, Server Side, Testing, Backend
  • Difference between Agile Methodology & Waterfall Methodology
  • Pedagogy Concept – Learn > Practice > Apply > Review > Refactor

Conditions & Benefits

** Entry Requirements: Degree in I.T, Computer Science, or Equivalent with at least a CGPA score of 2.0/B
** An average salary of up to RM 3,800

Process & Knowledge

  • A simple 3-Step Process – Candidate would firstly apply through us, then once we’ve selected and confirmed the application, the candidate can then proceed to make payment and commence the course.
  • Our programs are mapped to actual job roles which are in high demand.
  • StackRoute programs focus on mastery and students are required to create a viable working product.

Bridging the Skills Gap for your IT Workforce

In a disruptive landscape, customer needs are constantly changing, and it is becoming harder for businesses to forecast the resources they need. At the same time, technology is evolving rapidly and has a shorter shelf life. IT teams across the world must make the transition from large silos of expertise to smaller agile teams that need to be proficient in different application architectures. Every IT team member must be a base level Full Stack Developer/Quality Engineer to be part of small team. In a world where multi-skilled or Full-Stack Developers (FSD) are the new normal, this wide skills gap cannot be bridged by traditional instructor-led or standard e-learning training programs. In fact, 25% of developers in project teams must have product engineering capabilities. This requires a deeper intervention to be effective.

A Comprehensive Digital Transformation

Prepare workforce, deep skill your existing workforce, and recalibrate your entire organization’s digital transformation at scale

Mastery Learning

Individualised and group-based learning pedagogy developed to achieve mastery

Outcome Oriented

Designed to achieve business outcomes – at scale

Practitioner Designed

Designed by Practitioner, regularly screened on latest technologies

Experiential Apprenticeship

Participants learn through hands-on, experiential learning and targeted intervention

Integrated Problem-solving

Tough problem-solving that changes people and helps them learn concepts deeply

True Full Stack

Participants learn how to build, test, integrate, package, deploy. and release modern web apps

StackRoute Learning Advantage

At StackRoute, we don’t just focus on program completion. Our goals is program mastery so that learners are proficient and can be job-ready on Day One. Moreover, our curriculum is mapped to actual job roles which are in high demand in the industry so that students don’t just learn skills – they master them to become career-ready professionals.

Curriculum designed with a growth mindset

We believe in a growth mindset and 80% of our learning occurs in a practice-based environment.

Mapped to job roles, not just skills

Our programs are mapped to actual job roles which are in high demand.

Careers Transformed - 5600+
Productive from day one - 90%+
35% - reduction in Time-to-Deployment
25% of top performers in teams

Award Winning

Graduate Transformation Program Delivers 50% Higher Billing Rates

An award-winning transformative blended learning program for new engineering hires at CGI has improved time to billability by 35% — with 50% higher billing than average graduates.

Full-Stack Engineering Training Delivers Day One Readiness

An award-winning 14-week Full-Stack Engineering intensive program sponsored by Boeing India prepares recent engineering graduates to be ready and productive on Day One, helping meet the demand of the company’s talent pipeline.

We Are Proud To Inform


StackRoute has graduated over 1000 full stack developers, many of whom are now core members of customer-facing teams in large IT, product engineering & GIC companies.


StackRoute graduates have a 95% outcome achievement rate dispelling the notion that recently graduated engineers cannot work on critical and customer facing projects.


At StackRoute, we have calibrated the FSD Quotient for over 3000 developers in existing IT teams and defined their roadmap to becoming full stack developers.

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