WEPS aims to be a premier international education consultancy, a ‘Global Leader’ inproviding borderless education placements.

WEPS focusses on facilitating international student movement without restrictions, to help each student realise their dream of foreign education. We at WEPS, would plan, initialise and execute this dream for the student.

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If you have nurtured a dream of studying abroad then we at WEPS, aspire to assist you and provide ‘end-to-end’ services, for you to manifest that dream and progress further in your career without any hurdles. We aim to be the ‘Beacon of Hope’ for many Southeast Asian/International students wanting to study abroad but, are not well aware of the options available to them. WEPS, with all its expertise will provide you with a plethora of options and will sail you smoothly throughout the entire process and beyond.

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No Student To Be Turned Away!

This is the underlying motto that, we work with at WEPS. We understand that, not all students who dream of studying abroad have excellent academic credentials and sound financial background. We at WEPS make sure that, these restrictions do not come in the way of realizing students’ dreams! We have extensive collaborations with various universities in the world from multiple countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and various countries in the Middle East. We are confident that, our expert team can find the best match for any student in line with their portfolio.